Redefining “All-Inclusive” Travel

We’re imagining a new path for the tourism industry that is a win for everyone: for visitors, fishermen, sharks, and for our ocean.

Luxury Travel with a Purpose

Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets has partnered with Saving Our Sharks Foundation to transform the lives of local fishermen by saving sharks – the keystone species that maintain the delicate balance of our oceans.

Book a Shark Hero Expedition

Whale Shark Tours

Get up-close and personal with whale sharks on a guided tour with the Masters of the Sea.

Citizen Science

Join a scientific diving expedition and get to know first hand how they do their work.

Sport fishing & tagging

See the science up close, spend time with the people who know the ocean better than anyone.


Sourcing Sustainable Seafood

The hotel supports the fishermen of Isla Mujeres who have traded in shark fishing for shark conservation. Ask for the “catch of the day” and know you’re making a positive social and environmental impact.


Purchase with a Purpose

Take home a souvenir (or two) that has a lasting impact. All profits goes to supporting the Isla Mujeres Shark Initiative. Contact the hotel’s front desk or concierge to purchase available merchandise.

Buy Shark Art

Experience Cesar Menchaca’s stunning shark sculptures made from recycled plastic. These pieces are available for purchase and a percentage of the proceeds goes to supporting our efforts. Contact the hotel’s front desk or concierge to purchase available artwork.

Make waves of change.

By choosing to stay at this unique resort, the hotel donates a percentage of each stay to support our cause. Your impact can have a ripple effect when you make a monthly donation. 

Meet the Masters of the Sea

34 heroic fishermen from the Kab Xok and Huachisan cooperatives of the Isla Mujeres Shark Initiative, kindly named the Masters of the Sea, are giving up their traditional livelihoods. Instead of killing sharks, they have become their protectors.


Shark populations are plummeting in the Caribbean and around the world.
They need our help more than ever. Here’s why they’re worth more alive:


As apex predators, sharks play a critical role in maintaining the ecological balance of the marine ecosystem.


Some species help maintain the health of coral reefs by controlling the populations of herbivorous fish that can damage the reef by overgrazing.


Sharks provide income and employment for local communities who can offer shark diving experiences in the Mexican Caribbean.

Be a #SharkHero

Create a longstanding ripple effect and join us in making waves of change. Here are three easy ways to become a Shark Hero today.

Fundraise for Sharks

Get your friends and family involved to raise funds and awareness for shark conservation.

Adopt a Shark

Save endangered sharks by choosing your adoption adventure and become a shark hero in the process!

Corporate sponsor

From limited-edition drops to campaigns and everything in between, there are endless ways to support sharks and oceans.