Fundraise for Sharks

Would You Do Anything to Save Sharks?

Run a marathon. Have a birthday party. Plan a community project. Share your love of sharks.

Whatever you’re into, you can create your own Shark Fundraising Campaign to celebrate it—and join the movement to protect sharks, oceans and reefs that need your critical help.

Celebrate the Shark Way!

If you're celebrating a birthday, wedding or remembering a loved one, consider a celebration donation.

Run, Swim, Get Active to Save Sharks

Run, walk, jump or swim in your city and fundraise for Saving Our Sharks Foundation.

Dive for Shark Conservation

Involve your scuba diver frenzy or diver shop in shark conservation.

How It Works


Create Your Page

Set your campaign goal, add a profile photo and a descriptive title and you’re ready to go.


Spread the Word

Reach out to your network of family and friends and ask them to contribute. Tell your supporters why you are fundraising and why this cause is important to you.


Say Thank You

The funds you and your community raise will help build brighter futures for people and sharks in Mexico. Let them know how much you appreciate their support.