Transforming Lives by Saving Sharks.

Shark fishing is a tradition that goes back generations on Isla Mujeres. We need Shark Heroes like you to make a difference in fishers’ lives and protect the balance of our oceans.

Building a Global
Movement to SAVE SHARKS

Saving Our Sharks Foundation is dedicated to supporting local communities’ livelihoods by protecting shark populations.

Our goal is to amplify and bring meaningful support to local communities by funding impactful shark conservation projects that bring long-term wellbeing for sharks, their habitats, and the people who depend upon them.

We Support Shark Conservation & Science

Isla Mujeres Shark Initiative

We support the Masters of the Sea fishing cooperatives in the Mexican Caribbean that are giving up their traditional livelihoods to become the protectors of sharks.

Shark Research & Internship Program

We amplify the scope of national and international shark research to shift the narrative on sharks and create data for key decision making and management. 

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Get your friends and family involved to raise funds and awareness for shark conservation

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From employee matches to campaign sponsorships, become a partner in our work.

Adopt a Shark

Save endangered sharks by symbolically adopting one and become a shark hero in the process!

Leave a Legacy

Support sharks for generations to come, through a new will, trust or an amendment.

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