How VANS is Helping Keep #SharksOffTheHook

Dive into a world where style meets purpose and where our passion for shark conservation takes center stage. We are thrilled to announce an extraordinary partnership between VANS and Saving Our Sharks Foundation. Together, we are on a mission to keep #SharksOffTheHook while honoring the true “Masters of the Sea” – the fishermen who have bravely given up their tradition of shark fishing in favor of their conservation.

VANS x Saving Our Sharks Foundation 

Did you know more than 11,000 sharks are killed every hour? VANS and Saving Our Sharks Foundation are on a mission to change that reality. In this remarkable collaboration, we share a common vision: to protect and conserve sharks – the keystone species of our oceans. The VANS Sharks Off The Hook partnership represents a powerful alliance dedicated to raising awareness, driving action, and preserving the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems. At the heart of it all are the #SharksOffTheHook VANS custom-designed shark shoes.


Meet the Masters of the Sea

Imagine you’ve been fishing sharks for three generations. It’s a tradition carried down from your grandparents. But now you realize the value of a shark being kept alive. Trading professions can be a challenging enterprise, especially for people living day to day on income that relies on fishing sharks. Our implementing partner Saving Our Sharks A.C. is working with the Kab Xok & Huachisan fishing cooperatives, providing training, skills, and resources necessary for them to offer sustainable tourism experiences that ensure sharks are kept alive. 

Unleashing Style with Purpose

The #SharksOffTheHook VANS shark shoes are more than a fashion statement. They are a symbol of our commitment to shark conservation and livelihood transformation. Each shoe is crafted as a tribute to the grace and power of sharks, capturing their awe-inspiring presence. By wearing these shoes, you become an ambassador, carrying the message of our cause wherever you go, spreading awareness and igniting conversations.

How VANS’ Community Makes a Difference

When you choose a pair of VANS shark shoes, you actively show your support for the fishermen who have traded in their hooks to protect sharks. Vans has created these two special edition shoe designs and has donated USD $20K to Saving Our Sharks Foundation, to support sustainable livelihoods and non-extractive ecotourism, like diving with sharks.

With each step you take in these shoes, you embody the spirit of the “Masters of the Sea” and join the movement to keep Sharks Off The Hook.

Make Waves and Join the Movement!

Ready to make a tangible impact while embracing style that makes a statement? Step into the movement and claim your pair of #SharksOffTheHook VANS today! While wearing your new kicks, you not only showcase your love for the ocean but also actively participate in the collective effort to protect sharks and their marine habitat.

Explore the captivating designs that VANS created exclusively for Saving Our Sharks Foundation that pay homage to the ocean’s apex predators.


Join us on this remarkable journey, proudly wear your VANS shark shoes, and let every step you take be a testament to your commitment to the ocean’s guardians.

Keep #SharksOffTheHook and make a splash with VANS!

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Support the Masters of the Sea in creating a future where fishers become protectors of sharks.